Monday, September 26, 2011

Reading Lesson Plan

Class : 5(M) Enrolment : 35
Subject : English Language Time : 9.00am-10.00am
Theme : World of Stories
Topic : Unit 8 – The Golden Touch
Focus skill : Reading a story

Skills(integration of skills) :

1.2.2 Listen to and repeat correctly phrases and expressions with the correct stress and


2.5.1 Give details about the people of a story heard or read.

3.7.3 Talk about values.

3.8.3 Read and obtain meaning of words and phrases for contextual clues.

Previous knowledge : Pupils have read fairy tales or fables.
Key words :granted, horrible, fairy, appeared, turned into, golden, wish.
Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to
Listen to a story and talk about the main ideas and details heard.
2. Read and talk about the characters of people and moral value of the

story heard, read and viewed in simple language.
3. Read and obtain meaning of words and phrases for contextual clues.
4. Read and rearrange the sentences to form the story.
Thinking skills : Arranging words and sequencing the
sentences in the correct order.

Multiple intelligence : Interpersonal, intelligence

Values and citizenship : Moderation, gratitude

Educational emphases : ICT skills, Thinking skills

Step 1-Pre Reading -15 min

1.The teacher shows realia of gold jewellery (e.g earrings, bangle and bracelet) and asks the pupils to guess what are they made of.

2. The teacher writes the word Gold on the board.

3. The teacher elicits values of gold.

4. The teacher shows pupils a video clip and asks pupils to listen to the dialogue carefully.

5. The teacher asks pupils what it is about and introduces the topic of text.

Step 2 - While Reading – 25 min

1.Pupils read aloud the story in groups.
2.Teacher distributes the worksheet.(worksheet 1)
3.Pupils find and discuss the meaning of the listed words in groups using dictionary. ( granted, horrible, fairy, appeared, turned into, golden, wish)
4.Teacher discusses the meaning of the words with the pupils.
6.Pupils come in front of the class and present part of the story randomly.
7.Pupils rearrange the sentences to form the story individually.(worksheet2)
8.Pupils check the answers with teacher.

Step 3 - Post Reading- 15 min
1. The teacher distributes the script of the dialogue to the pupils.
2.Pupils act out the story in groups.
3.Based on the story, pupils and teacher discuss about the moral of the story.

Step 4 - Summing up - 5 min
1.Teacher re-emphasises and reinforces the reinforces the teaching point.
2.Teacher inculcate the moral value - kind, gratitude, not to be greedy.

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