Thursday, September 29, 2011

Listening Lesson Plan

Class :Year 3
Date : 20-7-2011
Time : 900a.m. -1000a.m.
Topic : How Do You Go To School?
Focal Skills/Knowledge :Listening and Speaking
Learning Outcomes :By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1.3 Acquire vocabulary and understand the meaning of
words and phrases in context.

2.3 Give relevant information politely in response to enquiries made.
Materials : Powerpoint , flashcard

Set Induction
1.Pupils listen to the sound and identify the vehicles.(aeroplane, motorcycle, truck,car)

Pre- Listening
1. Teacher asks pupils how they come to school.
2. Pupils listen to riddles about the vehicles.
3. Teacher asks pupils to guess the names of the vehicles that had been described.
4. Teacher introduces vocabulary using flashcards.(powerpoint)

It has wings.
It can travel fast.
It can fly across the sky.
It runs on tracks.
It toots and teets.
It is a long vehicle.
It sails on the river,
You need to paddle it to move.
It is used by fishermen.

While Listening
1.1.Pupils listen and complete the mind map according to modes of the transport.
2.2.Pupils listen and match words to pictures.
3.3.Pupils listen and spell the names of the vehicles.

Post Listening
1.1.Pupils listen to a song.
2.2.Pupils listen to screeching sound and teacher asks pupils to predict what will happen next and what will happen if we are not careful on the road.
3.3.Written work.

Stop! Look! Go before you cross the street.
Use your eyes before you use your feet.
Look right, look left and through the right again.
It will safe you from accident and pain.

1.Pupils sing the song together with teacher.

If you miss the train I’m on
You will know that I’ve gone
You can hear the whistle blows
A hundred miles
A hundred miles
Two hundred miles
Three hundred miles
Four hundred miles
You can hear the whistle blows
A hundred miles
You can hear the aeroplane fly
You can hear the siren of an ambulance
You can hear the toot of a train
You can hear the honking of a bus

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