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Learning Grammar the Colourful Way (Tenses)

Why CCE is effective?
  • Knowing how the brain functions, how memory works and determining the key strengths and learning styles of our learners are important to English language teaching (Lynch, 2008).
  • Visualization or imagery learning methods have been noted to have substantial effects in enhancing memory and learning during the1960s (Buzan).
  • Tulving & Thomson(1973) suggested that through visualization learning, each item learned is encoded into a richer memory representation and is more orderly stored with ease of retrieving processes at a later stage.

The Research Problems

“Chinese school leavers often fail in interview due to incompetence in English, both in speaking and writing.”
Job Link Malaysia 15/8/2007
“The proficiency of 80% of the MUET candidates are below average.”
MPM 16/8/2007

The Research Problem ( contd )
These problems are not foreign to teachers who teach Malay and Indian children too.
However, this research and outcomes are based and reported on the experiences with Chinese students.

Learning English as a Second Language (ELS)- Student Dilemmas
  • Weak in grammar foundation and vocabulary
  • Cultural and language differences
  • Discrepancies in pedagogical methods

Conventional VS CCE (Colour Code English)
  • Passive learning Active learning
  • Normative based Cultural adaptation
  • Teacher-Centered Learner –Centered
  • Exam oriented Focus on meaning making
  • Monotonous Creative approach
  • Conventional teaching CAI or computer aided instruction
What is Colour Code English?
  • A visualizing technique to promote learners’ active learning.
  • Utilization of various colours, shapes graphics to enhance learners learning process and memory.
  • Learners are able to comprehend the logic of the grammar rules
  • Consists of the Pitoshape and Timestar modules
What are Pitoshapes?
  • A series of coloured coded blocks in various geometrical shapes.
  • These blocks analog forms of irregular verbs, verb to be, verb to have & etc
  • Pitoshapes enable ESL learners to identify correct combinations of verb phases

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