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Speaking Skill Lesson Plan

Class :Year 5 Enrolment : 35 students

Subject :English Language Time : 800a.m. -830a.m.

Theme :World Of Self

Topic :Happy Times

Focal Skills/Knowledge :Speaking (WH-question)

Skills :1.6.1 Listen to and understand simple descriptions and answer

simple WH-questions

2.1.4 Ask questions with the correct intonation

2.2.1 Ask WH-question to get information

2.2.2 Ask questions to seek clarification

2.3.1 Respond to simple questions

2.3.3 Talk about things heard, seen or read

3.3.2 Read and understand simple paragraph

Previous knowledge :Pupils have read an article about a sportsperson they admire.

Keywords :WH-questions (how, what, when, who, why, where)

Learning Outcomes :By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

1. talk about a sportsperson that they admire

2. read and role-play the dialogue with correct intonation

3. ask and respond to questions pertaining to the background, training and achievement of the sportsperson

Thinking skills :Identifying cause and effect relationshipMaking association or connections

Multiple Intelligences :Interpersonal

Values and Citizenship :Respect, Diligence, Appreciation

Educational Emphases :Learning How to Learn

Step / Time

Skills / Knowledge

Teaching-Learning Activities

Note / Resource

Step 1

(15 mins)

Shared reading

Set Induction

(2 mins)

Interaction (13 mins)




(textbook pg.62)

Thinking skill:

Identifying cause and effect relationship

1. The teacher shows a picture of a sportsman (Lee Chong Wei) and lets pupils to talk about it.

2. The pupils share the articles about a sportsperson they admire.

3. The teacher divides students into two groups.

4. The teacher reads the dialogue with the correct intonation and pupils follow according to their groups.

5. The teacher emphasises the WH-questions and the responses in the dialogue by using sentence strips.

6. The pupils practise the dialogue in pairs.

Picture of sportsman Lee Chong Wei

Articles on sportspersons

Moral Value:

Respect, Diligence


Sentence Strips

Step 2

(10 mins)

Focused Word Work/ Teaching point



1. The teacher gives two different cards that contains biography of Nicol Ann David and Lee Chong Wei to two groups.

2. The teacher asks pupils to make 3 questions pertaining to the background, training and achievement of the sportsperson and other pupils respond to these questions.

3. The teacher goes around the class to check pupils’ intonation and pronunciation.

4. The pupils change their cards with the other group to practise.

Sportsperson’s biography



Step 3

(5 mins)

Closure/ summing up

Thinking skill: Making associations or connections

1. The teacher shows pictures of bowling ball, bowling field and bowling pin to let pupils guess what sport is it.

2. The teacher introduces the Malaysian famous sportsperson in bowling – Shalin Zulklifri.

3. The teacher recapitulates what pupils have learnt today.

Guessing picture

Moral Value: Appreciation


Let’s role-play(Year 5 textbook pg.62)

Durah Jasmin, a gymnast, has just won a competition. Ubin interviews her.

Ubin : Congratulations!

Durah: Thank you.

Ubin : How do you feel?

Durah: I feel very happy. I took part in seven events and won six gold medals.

Ubin : That’s great. What is the secret of your success?

Durah: Well, firstly, my coach makes sure I work hard and give my best. Secondly, I have

the support of my family. Besides that, I practise every day.

Ubin : When did you start doing gymnastics?

Durah: I started doing gymnastics when I was in Year 1.

Ubin : Which is your favourite event?

Durah: The hoops.

Ubin : I see. Who is your role-model?

Durah: My role-model is Nadia Comaneci.

Ubin : Why do you look up to her?

Durah: I admire her because she is the first gymnast to get a perfect score of 10 in an

Olympic gymnastics event. She is a great athlete and a caring person. She started a

charity clinic for orphans.

Ubin : Where is the charity clinic?

Durah: In Bucharest. One day, I want to be like her too.

Ubin : All the best to you. Thank you for the interview.

Durah: You are welcome.

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